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Saturday, Febuary 13, 2016 at 1pm

Chili Time

Chili Time Restaurant
4727 Vine St
St Bernard, Ohio 45217

Located on Vine Street between Phillips and Washington

Click HERE for a map / driving directions

For a look at the menu please go to the Chili Time Menu
(Chili Time is aware that their website is broken!)

The Brunch Bunch is returning once again to Chili Time in February since this will be the 5th anniversary of the Brunch Bunch. "It's hard to believe that the Brunch Bunch has gone so very strong and has been held without a miss on the second Saturday of every month for this long. Let us look forward to at least another five years." Chili Time is a "storied joint, known for its chili, hot dogs, breakfast all day & other casual fare since 1963".

If you can't join us in February, maybe you'll be available to join us next month or in the months ahead.

All the usual stuff ...

Talk-in will be available on the 146.670 (-) PL 123.0 Repeater - Call N8BV

If you're planning to attend the OH-KY-IN Foxhunt then come join us afterward!

The Brunch Bunch meets the second Saturday of every month at 1pm at a location to be announced each month, and even if you've never joined us before, you're more than welcome to come hang out with us!
Do you have a favorite restaurant that you'd like to recommend that we visit next?
Please let Bruce/N8BV know
To see some of the places we've visited, check out these past Brunch Bunch meeting Pictures

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