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OH-KY-IN Fantasy Football League Update

Updated January 14th

Well, we are into the post-season for the NFL, and that means the 2012 OH-KY-IN Fantasy Football League has come to a close.

There were some interesting weeks (like when I played Ben Roethlisberger and he was injured), and some not-so-interesting weeks (like when the flu season hit and I completely forgot about playing Fantasy Football).   For that, I apologize.

However...here are the results:

    N8QQ 123 points vs. KA3MTT 128 points
    Hammerheads (KD8JDF) 72 points vs. Flying Electrons (K4BRI) 113 points

Then in the "Super Bowl," K4BRI whooped up on KA3MTT, 142 to 61.

The final standings were:


Thanks to all who participated!

Nathan, KA3MTT
"The Commish"

Brian, K4BRI
GM - Flying Electrons
2012 OH-KY-IN FFL Champs

OH-KY-IN Fantasy Football League Update

Updated September 3rd

Well, the 2012 OH-KY-IN Fantasy Football League season is underway!

We have 4 teams this year who will be competing for a Super Bowl ring.  OK...not really.

The HAMmerheads - coached by Paul Jordan, KD8JDF.  Paul's team came out of training camp looking better than ever with quarterback Eli Manning at the helm.

The Flying Electrons - coached by Brian DeYoung, K4BRI.  The Electrons will certainly be flying around the field this year with the Pittsburgh Defense which sports none other than Troy Polamalu - the best safety in the league.  He took that Defense on purpose, too, hi hi.

Team N8QQ - coached by Brad McConahay, N8QQ.  Coach McConahay really ended up listening to the analysts - Robert Griffin III is the quarterback who backs up Tom Brady.  Those are 2 gunslingers who can get it done not only on the field, but also with the media.

Team KA3MTT (I know...original team name) - is coached by myself.  I decided to draft Drew Brees for the quarterback, but then went with my hometown fave with number 7, Big Ben Roethlisberger.  As much as it pained me to take AJ Green, I believe he has the skills to get the job done.

I'll send some updates throughout the season.

Let's hope for another Lombardi in Pittsburgh... Lombardi Trophy, that is. (Let's not. - Webgeezer)

Nathan KA3MTT

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