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OH-KY-IN is an ARRL ARRL Logo Special Service Club, serving the Cincinnati area since 1960 ..................... OH-KY-IN meets on the first Tuesday of every month, 7:30pm at 120 Washington Ave. in St. Bernard ..................... K8SCH Repeaters: 146.625 MHz (-) Withamsville, 146.670 MHz (-) Clifton, 146.925 MHz (-) Colerain Township, and 443.7625 MHz (+5) Clifton.   All OH-KY-IN VHF repeaters use a 123Hz PL tone for access ..................... The Tech Talk Net meets every Wednesday at 9:00pm on the 146.670 repeater ..................... Visit the OH-KY-IN CafePress Store ..................... The club's Board of Directors meets every 4th Tuesday of the month, 7:00pm in the basement of the St. Bernard City Hall.   This meeting is OPEN to club members .....................
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Updated July 16th

The club enjoyed another successful Field Day, replete with John, KC8VQU, and his skills as chef, and nearly perfect weather.  Only the threat of thunderstorms on Saturday, marred a great weekend of radio sport and comraderie...  yeah, I know, it's a "This Is Not A Contest" contest.  Whatever term you wish to give it, OH-KY-IN's 2013 Field Day was FUN!

Look for Field Day 2013 pictures and stories on this page.  And if you were at Field Day this year and have pictures or a story to tell, please send a few copies to your Webgeezer.

The 2nd Annual KD8IOQ Field Day Report

Once again, we are honored to have not only another insightful Field Day report from Mick, KD8IOQ, but also from Mick's guest, Tony, WB3KGT.

KD8IOQ writes:

"Tony Zona, WB3KGT, asked me to forward the following message to the OH-KY-IN membership regarding his recent visit to our Field Day.  As usual, he's complaining about all the work he had to do.  I realize that my high QSO rate would be overwhelming to most loggers (we made a total of two (count 'em: 2) digital contacts for a handsome contribution of 4 points to our club's overall score.  That might be enough to take us over the top.  I didn't want to imply to Tony that his presence was slowing me down, but the score would have been even higher.

"The wives' discussion he refers to must have been a brag session about who had the most wonderful husband."

Mick, KD8IOQ

WB3KGT writes:


"Sorry for the delay, but once I got back in Erie I hit the ground running.  I was immersed knee deep in a detail job for Mick.  He made me handle all the logging for our digital contacts from field day.  So, as you can imagine, I was occupied for a little while.  We were honored to contribute the points to the club.

"I truly enjoyed myself at your field day, and your hospitality was warming.  I felt welcomed to be among such a nice bunch of people.  I also was very impressed at your emergency readiness.  That's what field day is about.

"My wife, Bernadette, N3MRB, and I enjoyed the picnic a lot.  You have to understand that she is normally pretty shy.  I know she was welcomed to your group, too, when I saw her chatting animatedly with your wives.

"Maybe I can weasel another invitation to your next field day.  If so, do I have to come with Mick?  I couldn't take another year of the pressure of handling that logging."

Tony, WB3KGT

Webgeezer replies:

"Tony, you and Bernadette are welcome anytime to OH-KY-IN's Field Day, or any other function for that matter.  As far as we're concerned, you're now a part of the flock, and so are expected to attend.  The next meeting is the first Tuesday of the month.

"As for coming to Field Day with Mick, it's a testament to your tolerance and fortitude that you could stand arriving with him at all.  These are qualities highly-sought in OH-KY-IN members... it's too bad too few of our group exhibit your sobriety, this writer included.

"73 to you, Tony.  We're looking forward to seeing you again, and especially in receiving your $20 membership check, which I thought should have arrived by now."  

For KD8IOQ's report on Field Day 2012, go HERE.

Every Picture Tells A Story, Don't It?

"Super-Moon Over Mitchell Memorial Forest" - photo courtesy of K4BRI

Photo courtesy of W1SCR

Photo courtesy of W1SCR

Photo courtesy of W1SCR

Photo courtesy of W1SCR

Photo courtesy of W1SCR

Photo courtesy of W1SCR

Photo courtesy of NC8V

Photo courtesy of NC8V

Photo courtesy of NC8V

Photo courtesy of NC8V

Photo courtesy of WB8ZCC

Photo courtesy of WB8ZCC

Photo courtesy of WB8ZCC

Photo courtesy of WB8ZCC

I know we just had it, but what is Field Day again?

Field Day occurs during the 4th full weekend in June every year, and OH-KY-IN participates each year.   During the weekend, amateur radio operators try to contact as many other Field Day stations as possible.   With more than 36,000 Amateur Radio operators across the country participating every year, there are many stations available to contact.

For 2013, Field Day started at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 22nd, and wrapped up at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday the 23rd.   Stations are allowed by the rules to begin setting up for Field Day just 24 hours in advance, so for us, that was 2:00 p.m. on Friday the 21st.

While this event is a serious test of skill, it's a contest for fun, too.   Typically, we have a pleasant picnic for members and their families, topped by a "Midnight Steak Fry" on Saturday night.

OH-KY-IN holds it's Field Day at Mitchell Memorial Forest in Cleves, Ohio, near I-74 and Rt. 128.   We invite you to join us to experience Amateur Radio, enjoy the food, the fellowship and the fun!

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If you have trouble finding the site, please call for directions on our 146.67 repeater.

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