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OH-KY-IN is an ARRL ARRL Logo Special Service Club, serving the Cincinnati area since 1960 ..................... OH-KY-IN meets on the first Tuesday of every month, 7:30pm at 120 Washington Ave. in St. Bernard ..................... K8SCH Repeaters: 146.625 MHz (-) Edgewood, 146.670 MHz (-) Clifton, 146.925 MHz (-) Colerain Township, and 443.7625 MHz (+5) Clifton.   All OH-KY-IN VHF repeaters use a 123Hz PL tone for access ..................... The Tech Talk Net meets every Wednesday at 9:00pm on the 146.670 repeater ..................... Visit the OH-KY-IN CafePress Store ..................... The club's Board of Directors meets every 4th Tuesday of the month, 7:00pm at a location announced every month.   This meeting is OPEN to club members .....................

Updated August 24, 2015

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The OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society is affiliated with the ARRL, the national organization for amateur radio
The OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society is one of several great amateur radio clubs in the ARRL's Great Lakes Division.
The OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society is also one of several great clubs in the ARRL's Ohio Section.

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From Our President...

Circumstances prevented me from preparing an article for the Q-Fiver.  Thus this email.

CLUB MEETING TUESDAY AUGUST 4.  You already received an email about this meeting.  Yes, we will meet.  BUT we will not meet in the usual place – there is a special election in St. Bernard on Tuesday.  We will meet in the same building, but in the basement, not on the main floor.  Do not enter through the usual doors.  We need to enter through the door at the Northwest corner of the building.  Enter from the parking lot behind the St. Bernard City Hall, Fifth Third Bank and the Eagles Club.  I usually enter the parking lot from behind the bank building, across the street from the new Library building.  Go through a short walkway to the door and enter there.  A very interesting program is on deck for this meeting.

CLUB REPEATERS.  Our Technical Committee has been very busy!  A better repeater was installed at the UHF site and uses a more robust transmitter.  Give it a try – 443.7625 (+ 5 mHz).  There were recurring problems with the 146.670 repeater, and it gradually died.  In order to have a repeater at that site, the repeater equipment at the 146.925 site was moved to 146.670.  That worked well until sometime yesterday, when that repeater went off the air again.  Brian, K4BRI – Technical Committee Chair, was notified but was out of town.  It was still off the air last I checked and I have no idea what repairs are needed.  The 146.625 repeater has worked well through all of this.  The 146.925 repeater likely will be off the air for a while.  We owe the Technical Committee a big thanks for their hard work to keep our repeaters on the air.

You will recall that the club membership approved purchase of 4 new Yaesu repeaters.  These were promptly ordered.  It seems that Yaesu unde-estimated the demand for these repeaters – they are awaiting delivery of a new batch from Japan sometime later this month but are otherwise sold out!  Once received, they will be shipped out first ordered first shipped.  Once they are received, they will be checked out carefully and prepared for our use, perhaps one by one.  They will be installed as quickly as possible, but it will take some time to get all four installed.  Brian, K4BRI and the whole Technical Committee will be busy.

THE OHIO QSO PARTY.  Every August, the Findlay Club sponsors the Ohio QSO Party, an ARRL sanctioned event.  We will participate again this year.  On Saturday August 22, we will operate in this contest.  All are welcome to participate.  We will operate in Ross Park, St. Bernard, site of the club picnic – but at a different shelter, Area 4, at the SE corner of the grassy area.  The contest begins at 12 noon, so we should be set up by then if we can.  I expect more information at the club meeting.

STATE PARKS ON THE AIR.  In September, we will participate on the State Parks on the Air contest.  More later.

See you at the club meeting


Fred, K9OHE

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