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The OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society is affiliated with the ARRL, the national organization for amateur radio
The OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society is one of several great amateur radio clubs in the ARRL's Great Lakes Division.
The OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society is also one of several great clubs in the ARRL's Ohio Section.

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Monthly OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society Meetings

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 @ 7:30PM ET
It's time for the State of the Society presented by our new President - Michael/KD8SOH
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March 1, 2016 @ 7:30PM ET
It's time for our annual ARRL Ohio Section Manager visit by Scott Yonally / N8SY
ARRL Ohio Section Website

April 5, 2016 @ 7:30PM ET

May 3, 2016 @ 7:30PM ET

June 7, 2016 @ 7:30PM ET

To see the notes from previous presentations, please cick Here

Where to find us:

OH-KY-IN meets at the St. Bernard Municipal Building (Rec. Hall) at 120 Washington Ave. in St. Bernard (corner of Washington & Tower).  Go in through the doors that face the high school on Washington.   For more information, click HERE.


The first Tuesday of every month at 7:30PM.  Doors open at 7PM for sign in and conversation before we start. We're done by 9PM.

Do I need to be an OH-KY-IN member, and do I need to be a Ham?

No! Visitors are ALWAYS welcome!   Come meet and hang out with some of the nicest people you'll ever meet.  Even if you're not a Ham now, you're still welcome to attend.  Kids are welcome too!  WE'LL SEE YOU THERE!

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