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Road Trip to Mendelson's

On Saturday, January 26th, a group of intrepid parts procurers from OH-KY-IN made a "road trip" to Mendelson's Electronics and Liquidation Outlet in Dayton.   If you've NEVER been to Mendelson's famous THIRD floor, you may not believe these pictures, an ENTIRE FLOOR of surplus electronic and electrical parts, cables, and... well, many items that defy description.

Our little band met at the St. Bernard Shopping Center at 9:00am, piled into WB8ZCC's mini-van, KA3MTT's SUV, and W1SCR's pick-up truck, for the trip to the famous surplus electronics parts haven.   Also in attendance was Nathan, KA3MTU; Brian, KC8FJN; Cindy, KB8WEI; Greg, KA8MQD; Ted, NC8V, and Ted's friend Lin.   Joining us from the Butler County group was Charlie, K8CLC, and Matt, KD8SES.

After all "business" at Mendelson's was completed, the group repaired to Bob Evan's in Springboro (a battery failure prevented the taking of photos while at Bob's).

For MORE info about Mendelson's, check out their website HERE.

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