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500 QSO's?  10,000 points?  Maybe... as far as YOU know.    While THAT score might be a "bit" inflated, the fun was at maximum for OH-KY-IN's effort in the 2013 Ohio QSO Party.

Band conditions on HF appeared rather dismal this year, although there were openings into Europe and the American West.  In the end, not many Ohio counties were collected, yet we did make a dent into the Kansas QSO Party (scheduled the same day), and managed to work Greece, Macedonia, Slovenia, and Alaska on 20m.  Okay, not too shabby.

Jerry, W1SCR, was again of the experimenting mind this year, with an admittedly simple-yet-somewhat-effective NVIS antenna offering... 28 feet of wire (the length is important), 8-9 feet off the dirt, attached to the whip base of Jerry's SGC-tuned mobile antenna.  When you see Jerry, make sure you give him the thumb's up and say, "28."  

It was fun, but including set-up, still a LONG 12 hours.  Thanks to the few folks on hand who were behind the mikes and keyboards, and lending moral support: KB8MYC, W1SCR, KB8WEI, KD8JDF, WB8ZCC, KJ4TSA and harmonic, KC8EGV, and Visitor Jim (thanks, WMKV).

For more info on the Ohio QSO Party, check out  THIS SITE.

And for more info on the Kansas QSO Party, go  HERE.

Mike and Bryan just worked Butler County.  Bryan is enthused.

Lacey, KJ4TSA, and harmonic

The scene of the crime

Jerry, W1SCR, works 40m.

W1SCR still on the hunt

Someone heard Jerry on "28"

In the cockpit on 20m

In the tub on 40m

If I can hear 'em, I can work 'em.  If I can hear 'em, I can...  If I can hear...  If I...  zzzzzzzzz.

No, we didn't use a jet trail to work anyone... there's wire there.  Really.

Yes, there's a wire up there, too.  Trust me.


Still "28" (HINT: it's orange)

More of the crime scene.

See?   Tol' ya there was a wire there!

Macedonia?  No way... N8BV, is that you???

KC8EGV, horizontally polarized

What's the prefix for Dreamland?

FINALLY, a new contact, no dupe, as the contest winds down

One hour later

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