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How to deal with a jammer

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1. You are monitoring a frequency where a net is in progress. Somebody is doubling with stations and calling them names with out IDing. You:

Call net control and inform him of the interference, just in case he doesn't know.
Ignore it. You try to make the best of the situation.
Join in on the jamming fun. You heard that it's open season on the frequencies!

2. You are having a conversation with a friend across town on the local repeater and somebody starts jamming your friends transmissions. You:

Tell your friend to move to another repeater and give the frequency on the air.
Taunt the jammer.
Act as if nothing is wrong. The jammer will go away if he doesn't get attention.

3. You are talking 2 meters simplex with a friend. Somebody is trying to jam your conversation. How would you deal with the situation?

Ignore the jammer or turn on a CTCSS (tone squelch) tone previously agreed on with the other party.
Try to talk the jammer out of his ridiculous behavior.
Jam the jammer.