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It's HAMFEST WEEK!!!        THIS COMING SUNDAY, September 21st!!!       It's HAMFEST WEEK!!!        THIS COMING SUNDAY, September 21st!!!      

Updated September 17, 2014

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The OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society is affiliated with the ARRL, the national organization for amateur radio
The OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society is one of several great amateur radio clubs in the ARRL's Great Lakes Division.
The OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society is also one of several great clubs in the ARRL's Ohio Section.

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The OH-KY-IN Repeater System

The OH-KY-IN Repeater System currently consists of (3) VHF 2m-band (146 MHz) repeaters (see map):

    146.625 MHz in Withamsville (East)
    146.670 MHz in Clifton (Central)
    146.925 MHz in Colerain Township (North)
    443.7625 MHz in Clifton

All OH-KY-IN 2m repeaters are in the 146 MHz sub-band, so YOUR TRANSMIT frequency will be 600 kHz BELOW these frequencies (a NEGATIVE offset..."-").

ALL OH-KY-IN VHF repeaters utilize a 123Hz CTCSS ("PL") tone for access. Set your radio's TRANSMIT TONE ENCODER to 123 Hz, or you will not be able to bring up an OH-KY-IN repeater.

All OH-KY-IN VHF repeaters also transmit a 123 Hz tone. You can use this to "filter out" non-OH-KY-IN repeater traffic that may appear on the receive frequency from time to time. Set your radio's RECEIVE TONE DECODER to 123 Hz to utilize this feature.

All OH-KY-IN repeaters have many other special features. To obtain a list of repeater user codes, go HERE.

It's HERE!

Our new UHF repeater is on-the-air.  Located at Hughes High School in Clifton, you can access the newest OH-KY-IN repeater at 443.7625 (+5 MHz transmit).  For the time being, NO PL TONE IS REQUIRED for access.

OH-KY-IN Repeater Map

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