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It's HAMFEST WEEK!!!        THIS COMING SUNDAY, September 21st!!!       It's HAMFEST WEEK!!!        THIS COMING SUNDAY, September 21st!!!      

Updated September 17, 2014

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The OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society is affiliated with the ARRL, the national organization for amateur radio
The OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society is one of several great amateur radio clubs in the ARRL's Great Lakes Division.
The OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society is also one of several great clubs in the ARRL's Ohio Section.

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The OH-KY-IN "Tip Sheet"

Sorry, no "inside info" on the ponies here.   The TIP SHEET is all about those super-secret hints and tips that make amateur radio operating so much more enjoyable.

Like this gem from Bob Frey, WA6EZV, who writes:

"I got tired of always having to either run my headset wire up my sleeve or getting it caught on something, with the result my headphones being jerked off my ears.   I found this interesting item on The Internet.   It is a small stereo dongle (Bluetooth) that can be attached to an iPod, a radio receiver, or whatever you would normally plug a headset into.

"Add a set of bluetooth head phones, and 'no more wires.'   I use it on both my iPOD when walking/jogging and on my ARDF receiver.   No wires to tangle.   Here are two pictures and a link to where I found them.   Total cost for both items was just over $30."

Stereo Audio Dongle

Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Thanks, Bob.   Great find.

Have a hint or tip you'd like to share?   Please send it to The Webgeezer.

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